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Productions List using DSLR format

As shown in my several recent posts DSLR’s have become a major tool in the Film Industry. To prove this here is five major productions using this format.

1. House Season 6 Finale “Help Me” (Canon 5D Mark II)

– This episode was shot entirely on a dslr and gives a shallow depth of field and a very chaotic and uncontrollable feel to the episode.


2. Act of Valor (Canon 5D Mark II+7D)



3. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (Canon 5D Mark II)

-This film was stop motion animation so these cameras were used in that way, but still helped to get the overall great result.


4. SNL Title Sequence (Canon 5D Mark II+7D)

– I always assumed SNL digital shorts used dslr format because of the crisp feel, but apparently they just started using these camera’s and tested them out with their title sequence.


5. Community “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” (Canon 5D Mark II)



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Film student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Currently a Freelance Videographer-Cinematographer/Director/Editor in the Philadelphia and Reading, PA areas.

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