HPX 500 User Manual

This is a link to the Panasonic HPX 500 full size camera…



Terra Nova Cancelled!?!?!?!

I was outraged when I heard Terra Nova was cancelled by FOX broadcasting. The rumors that Netflix would pick up the show gave a short lived relief when I then heard Netflix didn’t have the budget to produce the show without budget cuts. So unless the petitions to #saveterranova help for someone to pick up the show, it seems like a hit show is failed by it’s network.

Here’s a link explaining the situation…



Final Cut Pro

As a student in digital filmmaking and video production soon to become a legitimate proffessional in my field when I heard the rumors of the new final cut x, I was outraged to say the least.

This new software was built with the amateur in mind giving more automatic features and taking away more control needed by us who actually know what we are doing.

And of course Im not saying that I am against consumers having the ability to buy a cheap camera and edit there amateur video on there own.

What I am against though is a proffesional software trying to tailor to there needs, thats what imovie is for. So I immediately knew that if apple didnt fix this problem, us proffesionals would be leaving there market.

And as expected and hoped for final cut pro seven has been brought back to right the wrong. And hopefully apple wont make the same mistake twice.

Heres a link to a new york times article talking about the issue.



Productions List using DSLR format

As shown in my several recent posts DSLR’s have become a major tool in the Film Industry. To prove this here is five major productions using this format.

1. House Season 6 Finale “Help Me” (Canon 5D Mark II)

– This episode was shot entirely on a dslr and gives a shallow depth of field and a very chaotic and uncontrollable feel to the episode.


2. Act of Valor (Canon 5D Mark II+7D)



3. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (Canon 5D Mark II)

-This film was stop motion animation so these cameras were used in that way, but still helped to get the overall great result.


4. SNL Title Sequence (Canon 5D Mark II+7D)

– I always assumed SNL digital shorts used dslr format because of the crisp feel, but apparently they just started using these camera’s and tested them out with their title sequence.


5. Community “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” (Canon 5D Mark II)